Project publications

Overview of project findings: Valuing peatland ecosystem services for sustainable management (ESCOM blog, August 2014)

Special section in Ecosystem Services:

First workshop report (see Attachments below)

Policy Brief: The Kyoto Protocol and National Accounting for Peatlands (Policy Brief, March 2012)

See presentations from our latest workshop on Reducing the Cost of the Water Framework Directive through Payments for Ecosystem Services or read the Storify (May 2012)

Catchment management using payments for ecosystem services to restore and maintain upland peat (Info Brief, August 2012)


Project presentations


1. Presentations from first project meeting, 18th January 2012 (Leeds)

For workshop report, see Attachments below

Introduction to the Valuing Nature Network by Steve Albon

Overview of the VNN peatland project by Mark Reed

a) Relationships between environmental processes and the delivery of ecosystem services, goods and value in UK peatlands (co-chair: Chris Evans)

Peatland management impacts on carbon/climate regulation - international evidence by John Couwenberg

Peatland management impacts on carbon/climate regulation - UK evidence, spatial configuration of stocks and pressures by Fred Worrall

Peatland management impacts on flood regulation by Joe Holden

Peatland management impacts on water quality and biodiversity by Mike Billett

b) Economic considerations for prioritising peatland restoration and conservation activities on a UK scale (co-chair: Klaus Glenk)

Overview on framework and issues related to prioritising peatland restoration and conservation activities on a UK scale, and link to VNN challenges 1 and 3 by Klaus Glenk

Cost-effectiveness of restoration/conservation measures with respect to net GHG emissions and opportunity cost of restoration/conservation by Andrew Moxey

Who benefits from what and where? Considerations of scale and methods for valuing from peatland restoration/conservation by Marije Schaafsma

Is the Water Framework Directive experience useful for the (spatial) prioritization of peatland restoration? by Julia Martin-Ortega

c) Payments for Ecosystem Services and cross-boundary collaboration between land managers for peatland ecosystem service management (co-chair: Mark Reed)

Towards a framework for peatland PES by Andrew Moxey

Payments for peatland ecosystem services in the Natural Environment White Paper by Helen Dunn

Promoting cross-boundary collaboration for ecosystem service management at landscape scales by Katrin Prager

Incentive design to promote participation and uptake by landowners by Ricardo Scarpa


2. Presentations from stakeholder workshop: "Developing a roadmap for peatland GHG accounting and carbon markets in the UK" (19th January 2012, Leeds)

For workshop report, see Attachments below.

Introduction to the project and brief overview of progress so far, including link to Valuing Nature Network challenge 4 by Aletta Bonn with Clifton Bain, Mark Reed, Chris Evans & Klaus Glenk

Overview of international & national policy framework by Clifton Bain

International Verified Carbon Standard for Peatlands by Igino Emmer, Silvestrum

Peatland rewetting for carbon credits – Experience from Belarus by Zbig Karpowicz, RSPB

GEST Model – vegetation proxy for GHG flux from peatlands by Rob Field, RSPB

Development of carbon code – experience from forestry by Chris Waterfield, Forestry Commission


3. Presentations from workshop on Reducing the cost of the Water Framework Directive through Payments for Ecosystem Services

This workshop was run in collaboration with water@leeds. Around 70 individuals from over 40 organisations met to discuss actions to:

  • address barriers and identify options for meeting WFD objectives in peat uplands
  • share examples of practical examples and ideas particularly amongst water companies
  • assess the economics of WFD implementation in peat uplands, including how 
    Payments for Ecosystem Services might help reduce the cost of WFD implementation
  • identify the best ways to continue sharing knowledge on these issues   


A full briefing paper will be produced following the event to provide information for policy makers and professionals in this field. This will include water company opportunities to meet WFD requirements at reasonable cost, barriers to achieving this, policy recommendations and the role of government, co-operation and actions needed from others (including water companies). The briefing paper will link with the most recent scientific evidence from our Valuing Nature Network project.

Introduction to Payments for Ecosystem Services and the Water Framework Directive by Mark Reed

Peatlands & water quality: degradation, restoration & the water framework directive by Tim Allott (University of Manchester)

Economic aspects of the Water Framework Directive by Julia Martin-Ortega

Sustainable practices in upstream catchments - an economic regulator's view by Martin Furness (Ofwat)

"Upstream thinking" - developing into WFD and Payments for Ecosystem Services by Martin Ross (South West Water)

Using Payments for Water Services to meet WFD requirements by Andrew Walker (Yorkshire Water)

Payments for Ecosystem Services in practice - the SCaMP project by Janine White (United Utilities)

Water Framework Directive & upland management - a regulatory perspective by Harriet Orr (Environment Agency)

Payments for Water Services - a landowners perspective by Simon Thorp (Heather Trust)



Planned Outputs

Type of output


VNN Project Report

Collection of papers (see below) plus outline of full research programme for phase 2 VNN

Papers in peer-reviewed international journals

The following is an indicative list:

  • Review paper of relationships between biodiversity, environmental processes and the delivery of ecosystem services, goods and value in UK peatlands
  • Towards a framework for prioritising peatland restoration and conservation activities in the UK
  • Valuation of water services for prioritization of peatland restoration: existing knowledge and challenges
  • Paper on peatland greenhouse gas accounting and carbon markets

Policy briefings

Policy brief 2: Road map for a UK Peatland Carbon Code

  • Policy brief 1: Peatland GHG accounting and carbon markets – a national and global perspective
  • Policy Brief 3: Policy options for continuing to provide multiple ecosystem services from UK peatlands through Payments for Ecosystem Services
  • Policy Brief 4: Using PES to spread the costs of meeting WFD requirements

Applied Output:  Development toward peatland carbon code

  • Develop a peatland hub for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, linking with existing initiatives
  • Develop a road map for establishing peatland ecosystem service markets with carbon as a key service and identify innovative financing mechanisms as well as steps towards regulatory framework

Water industry workshop

Co-organised with water@leeds - for presentations see above or here



  • Presentation and meetings with relevant policy teams in Defra and DECC
  • International academic conference presentations


Project findings will feed into ongoing research projects and policy processes e.g. DEFRA’s PES best practice guidelines, St George’s House Consultation on the Future of the Uplands, NERC’s Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services & Sustainability programme...



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